Details of asset

Name ヌコニウム
Total supply / Locked status 25,252,525
Issue date of MONACARD 2018-02-11 15:28:48 【4.0 years ago】
Issuer なむやん 【@namuyan_mine】   MAmg6NDFNjQonXnQSzxD2VzfQWr6Z9VDGi
Tag nekonium 
Description Eth系通貨のぬこにうむちゃん
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Price Number per lot Number of lots in stock Buy Seller address
1 MONA 1 96 Buy now   MONA Palette
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Dispenser History

Total number of purchases【Number of purchases】 Average price Total sales amount
7【7 times】 1.00 MONA 7.00 MONA