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Name 鯉のぼりと五月人形(Carp streamers and May doll)
Asset ID KATE.MONACOIN053【A2498526734656414669】
Total supply / Locked status 55
Issue date of MONACARD 2022-04-23 00:32:09 【1.4 years ago】
Issue date of ASSET 2022-04-23 00:31:13 【1.4 years ago】
Issuer KATE  【@KATE_necology】  MWSAhBWVq4eErbYuBtA4zPMpWQgysQuaAm 
Tag モナコインちゃん  鯉のぼり  けいと 
Description   Detail クリプトの世界を泳ぐ(swimming in the World of Crypto)
Number of holders / At final confirmation 25 / 【1.1 weeks ago時点】
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