Details of asset

Name カツオのタタキ一本背負い
Asset ID NEMMU.IPPON【A17000294175629859082】
Total supply / Locked status 10
Issue date of MONACARD 2021-08-25 23:52:34 【9.1 months ago】
Issuer ねっむ   MLLnpNCbyeb8JFpqHiUZYU3BYKHMRe7ZCh 
Tag ねっむ 
Description   詳細表示 一本!
Image info PNG 840 x 1200 【90.3 KB】
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Dispenser History

Total number of purchases【Number of purchases】 Average price Total sales amount
10【8 times】 1.40 MONA 14.00 MONA