Details of asset

Name Ethereum Cross Chain #0006
Asset ID ZENZO.CrossChain【A13533971002053146338】
Total supply / Locked status 100
Issue date of MONACARD 2018-12-01 01:59:33 【3.8 years ago】
Issuer ZENZO - YuurinBee 【@YuurinB】   MFB74XSiYWXEpM2xefMvEkBq8MxQh2C2kP 
Tag znz  zenzo  zenzo ecosystem  cryptocurrency  ethereum  eth  cross chain 
Description   Detail ZENZO Ecosystem MonaCard #0006 - Limited Edition (100) - © Copyright ZENZO Ecosystem 2018. All rights reserved. Illustration by しーまいーま (@4maEma)
Image info PNG 560 x 800 【140.0 KB】
Number of holders / At final confirmation 5 人 / 【21.9 hours ago時点】
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